Thursday, January 25, 2018

Damaged but beautiful
postcard from the 1920s

I considered adding this postcard to the list of Papergreat's "water-stained works of art" series. But I'm not entirely sure what this stain is. Water? Rust? Mold? Alien fungus from the planet Santraginus V? I don't have a big enough budget in the Science-Research Division to investigate this thoroughly.

But, as I've said in the past, I still think this is a thing of beauty. The passage of time and the brownish stain have given this still-colorful (and butterfly-filled) postcard more character than it might otherwise have if it was in "mint" condition.

No publisher is listed for this postcard, which has a small logo with a hand holding a torch on the back. The text on the front states:

For You
Deep in my heart
I hold for you
Affection that is
and true

The card was postmarked in Woodbine, York County, Pennsylvania. (Apparently, this unincorporated community once had its own post office!) The date is December 24, sometime in the 1920s — the final number in the year is too blurry to read.

It was mailed to a woman in Red Lion, Pennsylvania, about 16-18 miles northwest of Woodbine, depending on your route. The note, written in cursive and pencil, states:
"Will look for you. Come early as you can am getting ready for Santa. Tell Earl Curt [?] said you shall be sure [?]
The second part of the note wasn't easy to decipher, but it doesn't seem to be of much consequence — like most text messages of today, I reckon. But, unlike today's texts, we still have this lovely postcard to accompany a nearly-century-old piece of everyday communication.

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