Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Mystery photo: 3 girls on a donkey

That's it. No identifying information whatsoever. Just three girls sitting on the back of a donkey that would strongly prefer not to have three humans on its back.

The original image is just 3 inches wide.

This photo would be a great jumping-off point for an educational exercise that Jim Fahringer mentioned in a recent comment:
"When I taught 4th Grade I would purchase all the old (mostly Victorian era) photographs I could find reasonably. We would then study the culture of the era. Each student would receive an antique picture and pretend that they were the person illustrated. They would make up a name and tell all about themselves including things like: why was this picture taken, what were you doing in this picture, what kind of things did you have to do to get ready for your portrait, what were your hobbies and pastimes, explanation of your hairstyle (How did you do it, how long did it take, etc.), description of your clothing (was it comfortable or were things like starched collars and corsets really miserable to wear), family description, difficulties and trials (like disease, death, war, and other disasters), your occupation or chores, how you died, etc. These neat old photos are a wonderful tool that can stimulate creative writing in the classroom."

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