Monday, February 26, 2018

Tattered, torn and creased photo of pure mystery

The decades have not been kind to this mystery snapshot. It measures 2¾ inches wide, has heavy creases that affect its structural integrity and is missing a big chunk in the upper-right corner. There is zero identifying information on the back.

So we have a man and a woman posing for a photograph in a residential yard. The man is sitting in a chair that looks too nice to be an outdoor chair; it was probably brought outside just for the occasion. The woman is leaning on the chair and has an arm draped around the man's shoulders. It looks more like a brother-and-sister pose than a boyfriend-girlfriend pose, but who knows?

And what is it they're wearing? Are those swimsuits? Is that a swim cap on her head, with a lot of flowing locks tucked inside?

It's a sunny day. It's, perhaps, the 1940s?

What are your thoughts?

Final note: This post from last month is a good jumping-off point, if you want to peruse more mystery photos.

1 comment:

  1. I agree that they are probably both wearing swimwear; but I would guess it's older than the 40s if that is the case (unless she was seriously conservative).