Saturday, February 24, 2018

Saturday's postcard: Downtown
Des Moines circa 1913

It's been 368 weeks since the very first "Saturday's postcard" on Papergreat. Today's postcard is somewhat of a repeat. I featured it on the blog about four years ago, but didn't write anything about the card itself. So, on this rainy afternoon, I'll provide its proper rundown.

This one has worked its way into a pile of postcards that Ashar wants to research and/or write original stories about. So this might also end up being a preview of a future story along the lines of A Second Chance at Love. I'm certainly hoping so.

As you can see, the caption on the front of the card states: "WALNUT STREET LOOKING WEST FROM 4TH STREET AT NIGHT, DES MOINES, IOWA." It's also copyrighted by photographer A.O. Harpel and marked P-23522.

On the back of the card, the publisher's logo, shown at right, is unknown to me. It was mailed with a green George Washington 1-cent stamp and postmarked on January 6, 1913, in Des Moines. The recipient's address, however, has been erased for some reason.

The postcard message, in pencil, states:
Des Moines, Iowa
Jan 6th 1913
[Name erased] was very glad to to get your card, he has enjoyed his cards and letters from friends and relatives so much. He is getting better slowly, hope to go home next Sunday, now if his temperature runs better ... [indecipherable] ... so much of time. Love, [indecipherable, possibly including the name "Dell."]
I reckon we could get some forensics experts to discover that address and other names that were erased from the card, but I think it's just fine to leave this as a mystery for the ages.

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