Thursday, February 22, 2018

Bookplate: Hazel S. Rork and her dog

Unlike yesterday's generic (but delightful) bookplate, this is the ultimate personalized bookplate. It's a photograph of Hazel S. Rork and her spaniel sitting in front of a bookshelf, and it's featured on the inside front cover of 1937's First Editions of To-Day and How to Tell Them, by H.S Boutell.

Hazel Spatz Rork Schmuck lived from 1905 to 1993 and appears to have been a lifelong Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, resident. She was a 1926 graduate of Millersville University, when it was called Millersville State Normal School. She served for many years as a teacher in the School District of Lancaster, which was established in 1836 and is apparently the second-oldest school district in Pennsylvania.

I can't find much else about her, but she does have a wonderful legacy, in that a bequest from her estate established the Hazel Rork Schmuck Alumni Scholarship in 1995 at Millersville. So her life's devotion to education continues today.

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  1. That is one handy way to ensure if you lose your book that it actually gets back to you!