Sunday, February 18, 2018

This week's coolest ephemera on eBay, courtesy of Vincent Price

At some point in his life, the amazing Vincent Price (1911-1993) doodled and jotted names and ideas all over a piece of Sheraton Hotels & Motor Inns notepaper. Now, in 2018, that piece of paper is a hot commodity on eBay. What a world.

It is a truly cool piece of paper, though.

In addition to four faces that show Price's flair for drawing, the jotted names seem to be a who's who of Old Hollywood: Tallulah (Bankhead?), Clifton (Webb?), Noel (Coward?), Mrs. John Huston (he had five wives, a later possibility among them is Enrica Soma), Lorre...

And, as if an idea struck him, this is scrawled twice: Instant obits.

What did it mean, Vincent?

Among the other things jotted down: Snowbird Lodge, Picasso, Stahl, St. Georges Hospital, phone numbers and ... best of all ... Tooting. That's a word that always makes Sarah laugh, so she'll be especially pleased that Vincent Price once scribbled it on a notepad.

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