Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Book cover: "Hackerbook"
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  • Title: Hackerbook
  • Subtitle #1: for your ATARI®-Computer
  • Subtitle #2: TIPS + TRICKS
  • Subtitle #3: Very Important Subroutines in Machine Language
  • Author: H.C. Wagner
  • Dinosaur-themed cover design: Franz Berthold
  • Original price: Unknown
  • Publication year: 1983
  • Copyright holder: Winfried Hofacker
  • Publisher: Ing. W. Hofacker GmbH International, Federal Republic of Germany
  • U.S. distributor: ELCOMP Publishing Inc., Pomona, California
  • Edition: First edition, first printing
  • ISBN: 3-88963-172-X
  • Pages: 116
  • Format: Paperback
  • Preface (by H.C. Wagner): "Since more and more users of the ATARI personal computers write programs in machine language, more and more 'workhorse' routines, performing standard tasks, are required. This book contains a variety of programs for the real computer 'Hacker' and the machine language programmer. All the programs have been fully tested and a complete source code is provided. I extend my thanks to Franz Ende for the translation and Karl Wagner for the proofreading."
  • Important Notice (under the preface): "This book is written for the experienced ATARI Personal Computer owner. To run the programs you need a symbolic Editor/Assembler or the ATAS/ATMAS from ELCOMP Publishing. For details please refer to the OS-Manual from ATARI."
  • First two sentences: "When working with numbers one often wants to input and output them via the screen. The following programs show how this can be done with hexadecimal as well as decimal numbers."
  • Last two sentences: "$F6 and $F7 are empty locations. This is a comment and not an instruction."
  • Random sentence from the middle: "So, you just have to put a cassette in your recorder, start the generator, and the dialogue will be started."
  • Sampling of chapter titles: "16-bit arithmetic without sign," "Introduction to CIO," "How to write a sector to disk," "How to make a bootable disk," and "300 Baud serial interface via the Atari joystick ports."
  • Notes: In an article titled "The Atari Book of Books," Kevin Fleming categorizes Hackerbook at "Acceptable" and adds that it is "strictly for the 'dyed in the wool' machine language programmer." ... A PDF of the entire book (which kind of takes the fun out of this blog post) is available at Atarimania. ... The inside back cover of Hackerbook contains an order form for Hofacker books that were available from ELCOMP Publishing. Titles included Complex Sound, Second Book of Ohio, Games for the Atari, Tricks for Vics, Editor/Ass. for CBM, Tic Tac Vic, Gunfight for Atari, Knaus Ogino, Astrology Program, Eprom Burner Kit, Moon Phases and Supermail.

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