Saturday, March 24, 2018

More vintage mystery snapshots

It's a sunny Saturday after a snowy week. The perfect time for ... more mystery photos! Neither of these have any dates or identifying information, so we're totally on our own. (That means, too, that they could be perfect launching pads for stories. Use your imagination to give the snapshots new life!)

First up (above) is a 4½-inch-wide photo, plus a magnification, of a hilltop field with a pair of similar-looking, cabin-like structures. A teeny-tiny figure can be seen standing outside one of the buildings. And then there's the car. I'll defer to the expertise of others, but it looks like a Ford from the early 1930s.

* * *

I really like this second photo. Whether it was skill or luck, the photographer ended up with some nice interplay between light and shadow. The slightly smiling woman stands in a shaded part of the yard, near a good-sized tree. In the background are an impressive brick house and the rear portion of another old (to us) vehicle.

Who was she? A wife and mother? A writer? Kitchen help? A woman with a mind for mathematics and rocket science?

What did she dream about? What did she see during her lifetime?

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