Monday, March 19, 2018

From the Readers: Cool books, stamps, the Phillies, and the Eagles

Time for another batch of comments from Papergreat's much-appreciated readers...

Memories of the Junior Deluxe Editions from Nelson Doubleday: Matt Hinrichs writes: "Thanks for your post, and for linking to my blog entry. I'm still collecting the Junior Deluxe Editions — as a matter of fact, just today I got three new books. One of them contained not a bookmark but a printed leaflet advertising the next month's book (Tom Sawyer). These are fun and I'm always coming across titles which I never knew existed in this format. Today's previously unknown find was a biography on Marco Polo."

Photos of my grandmother and mother in their college dorms: Wendyvee, who authors the nifty Roadside Wonders blog, writes: "Love these. It's funny, if you don't look too closely at the skis (or the items in the room), that picture of your mom could be from any one of several decades. Her hair and clothing don't read necessarily as late 1960s."

Pair of postcards of old motels: Joan, who writes Unschool Rules while juggling a full-time job and grad school, writes: "Surely we must have driven past the spot of the Acorn [on U.S. Routes 11/15 in central Pennsylvania] multiple times over the years ... Is it still standing?"
Chris says: It's definitely no longer a motel. I don't think the buildings remain, either, but don't have 100 percent confirmation.

Stamped envelope as work of art: Wendyvee writes: "Holy Copious Amount of Stamps, Batman. Love the World's Fair the most."

And Jim Fahringer adds: "Thank you for sharing this. I always try to use a variety of old and new stamps on letters and packages — hoping it will create an interest and desire in people to collect stamps. That once very popular hobby of stamp collecting has greatly diminished in recent years. That is such a shame — I learned more from my stamp collection about geography, culture and world affairs than all of my school and college courses covering the same areas. I urge everyone to use a variety of of colorful stamps (both old and new) when sending mail. Perhaps it will encourage the great hobby of stamp collecting. If nothing else, it certainly can create a 'work of art' and make receiving mail much more interesting. Long live stamp collecting!!!"

#FridayReads on current events, economy & the arts: Wendyvee writes: "Sharon's story ["All of a sudden my world would flip": the woman who is permanently lost] is fascinating. I had a professor with a similar lifelong challenge (with some minor differences). I might just try some 'Wonder Woman Spinning Therapy' myself."

(Sort of) new photograph of Ruth Manning-Sanders: "A Fan" writes: "Hi there. Just wanted to say that I'm so happy to have stumbled upon a fellow Ruth Manning-Sanders fan! I read her books when I was little and have recently rediscovered them and am collecting them for my kids. Love your insightful posts."

Mom's Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowl LII junk mail: Matt Hinrichs writes: "There's a sucker born every minute, I suppose — thanks for your excellent blog, Chris! I volunteer for a local organization that processes tons of old books and I'm always coming across fascinating stuff like what you write about."
Chris says: Thank you for the kind words, Matt. Your blog has a lot of great stuff in the archives that people should check out. And your volunteer work sounds super fun!

Bookplate: Hazel S. Rork and her dog: Inky, who authors On Shoes and Ships and Sealing-Wax, writes: "That is one handy way to ensure if you lose your book that it actually gets back to you!"

Tattered, torn and creased photo of pure mystery: Wendyvee writes: "I agree that they are probably both wearing swimwear; but I would guess it's older than the 40s if that is the case (unless she was seriously conservative)."

Klein Chocolate Co. of Elizabethtown analyzes Fannie's butter fat: Anonymous writes: "I live in Elizabethtown and my dad lived when Kleins was open. I love this history. It is soooo cool when it is history I know. I wish I lived back then to see what Elizabethown looked like. I also wish they had not sold to M&M and Mars."

Some Phillies Fever from the Bicentennial summer of 1976: Wendyvee writes: "The girls in my Mom's office gave this to her because she had a huge crush on Mike Schmidt."

Sci-fi book cover: "Adventures on Other Planets": Joan writes: "And here I thought I was the only owner of an old book [Nobody Plays With a Cabbage] in which cabbage makes a random appearance."

And Wendyvee adds: "Yes to that cover. No to cabbage soup. Crappy 1970s Paperbacks with Airbrushed Spacecraft on the Covers is in the running for one of the best titles ever."

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