Thursday, March 22, 2018

Mystery Photo Thursday

There's a two-for-one special on mystery photos today on Papergreat!

This first photograph, measuring 2¾ inches wide, features a young man navigating his boat at what appears to be the edge of a small lake.

He must be just starting or just finishing his excursion, because it looks like the water must be really shallow there. The conditions appear to be muddy, too. Note the dog — a German Shepherd, I believe — peeking its head up from the middle of the boat. It's always good to have a canine first mate!

There's a green stamp on the back from the Keystone Photo Service. It's dated June 23, 1937. There is, however, no other identifying information.

Almost exactly four years ago, I posted another mystery photo of a man and a boat.

* * *

This second mystery snapshot is the same size as the first one. But there's no Keystone Photo Service stamp, or any other identifying information at all, on the back. The friendly looking folks are posing for a photograph in a dirt yard or alley. Behind them, a short flight of stairs lead to a building with wooden doors.

I wonder if the man on the left is a butcher, given what he's wearing. I wonder, too, about the relationship between the three. The man on the right looks too young to be their son. Perhaps he's a grandson? I reckon we'll never know...

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