Monday, March 26, 2018

Miscellaneous snaps from the family shoebox, Part 1

As I mentioned yesterday, I did a bunch of family photograph sorting and purging over the weekend. But I saved, temporarily, from the purge pile some interesting snapshots that are either mysteries (no caption on the back) or that feature folks who are too tangentially related to the clan for me to justify keeping them.

I should get through them all in three or four batches this week, so here's Part 1.

#1: Hermoine Fisher Young and Peggy Lettieri at Bushnell Army Hospital in Brigham City, Utah. My grandmother (Helen Adams Ingham) worked here for a time during World War II. Bushnell Army Hospital later became the Intermountain Indian School, and rumors of hauntings now surround the site. This 2016 obituary might be the same Peggy from this photo.

#2: Mrs. Ewert and Hank, June 1970

#3: Unknown woman. A cursive and cryptic caption on the back states: "Think I could be seen here by a spy glass. It's not clear so thine [?] can't see how many freckles me has on my face but now I hear the wind blowing and they mostly go way in winter time."

#4 George Welsh [?]

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