Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Miscellaneous snaps from the family shoebox, Part 2

Following on the heels of yesterday's Part 1, here's a second batch of interesting (but inconsequential to my family history) snapshots that I'm sharing for posterity before they head off to The Great Unknown.

#5: Mildred Griffiths, circa 1939. This is from a collection of photographs presumably taken by my grandmother (Helen Adams Ingham) when she was a student at the University of Delaware. See more of them here.

#6: Mystery woman sitting near a body of water. No date, no name, no nothing.

#7: July 1944. This photograph was probably taken in Texas. The cursive caption states: "Joan Rash, Bobby Rash (in background) and Jack's famous Scarlette. Joanie saying — "Poor little sore foot." The Jack mentioned is surely my grandfather, Jack Gordon Ingham.

#8: Jane King (left) and Jean Pratt. This is the U. of Delaware again, I believe.

#9: Ann Harrison: The cursive caption on the back states: "Helen, please remember me as being much gayer and madder than this. Love, Ann. Feb. 1940."

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