Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Miscellaneous snaps from the family shoebox, Part 3

Here's the third batch of interesting (but non-essential) snapshots that I'm sharing for posterity before they head off (maybe) to The Great Unknown. Check back tomorrow for the riveting final installment!

#10: Beach party. The note that I wrote on the back, while assessing this picture with Mom, perhaps as long as a decade ago, was: "Weekend beach party at Jane King's cottage, Rehoboth, May 21, 1938." This is a "Guaranteed Zepp Non-Fade" photograph.

#11: Unnamed relative (but I think I figured it out). The cursive caption on the back states: "Jack Ingham cousin. Dtr [daughter] of Gordon Standifer." Jack Gordon Ingham was my grandfather on Mom's side. Jack's mother was Imogene Standifer Hefner (1895-1976). One of Imogene's brothers was Gordon Anderson Standifer (1900-1971). And Gordon had a daughter named Juanita, who is probably the woman in this photo. I believe this photo is from the late 1940s.

#12: Three mystery women. The printed date on the front is September 1943. The caption states: "I look as tho' I had been out on a binge the nite before. Whoes [sic] peeking out of the window?"

#13: Jean Pratt, Fall 1937. She was a college classmate of my grandmother, Helen Chandler Adams Ingham, and is shown here reading in a dorm room at the University of Delaware. (Update: I love the light and shadow and peacefulness of this photo, so I'm going to keep it, after all.)

#14: No date or caption. But I think the woman on the left might be the aforementioned Juanita, and the man on the right might be Jack Ingham. Late 1940s again.


  1. These are all lovely; but I would hang a litho of the Jean Pratt picture in my living room for sure.

    1. The original is so small, that I'd need a professional scanner in order to get a mega-pixel version that would hold up for quality enlargements.