Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Gorgeous illustrations within 1920 primer: "The Winston Readers"

Eighteen months ago, I had a post about the illustrated endpapers within The Winston Readers: Primer, which was authored by Sidney G. Firman and Ethel H. Maltby and was published in 1920 by The John C. Winston Company.

As it approaches the century mark, this old schoolbook is a keeper. One of the big reasons is the illustrations by Frederick Richardson (1862-1937). He fills the book with colorful chickens, pigs, bears, goats, and cats — alongside the human protagonists — to help the authors tell popular tales such as "The Wee Wee Woman," "The Gingerbread Boy," "The Old Woman and Her Pig," "There Was a Crooked Man," "Lambikin," and "The Three Bears."

Here's a look at some of Richardson's great work for the book...

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