Thursday, April 5, 2018

1911 Germantown postcard: Asking mother for shoe money

I picked up this postcard yesterday, while Ashar and I were out and about, scoping out mannequins, Fitbits and Three Mile Island.

The postcard of Germantown Academy (founded 1759) in Germantown, Pennsylvania, was published by Valentine & Sons, a company that was founded in Scotland in 1825. As always, you can read more about them on

The card was postmarked on January 25, 1911. On that same date, according to Wikipedia, "U.S. troops were sent to the Rio Grande to keep Mexican insurgents from crossing into the United States." The postcard was mailed from Reading, Pennsylvania, to Mrs. G.F. Miller in Williamsport, Pennsylvania.

Here is the content of the cursive note, as best as I can figure:
Dear Mother
Expected money in letter. Will you please send some [same?] for shoes as they [?] are having a sale in shoes here. Think I can get comfortable ones here and save trouble in sending. Would like to get them this week as mine will hardly last much longer. Am well. Saw Mrs. Heisler. Will write later.
Your Daughter
Effie M.

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