Saturday, April 7, 2018

Book cover: "Blood on Her Shoe"

  • Title: Blood on Her Shoe
  • Alarming additional cover text: "SHE WALKED WITH DEATH"
  • Author: Medora Field (1892-1960)
  • Cover illustrator: Rudolph Belarski (1900-1983)
  • About the illustrator: Belarski was born in Dupont, Pennsylvania, and worked in the coal mines as a child and young adult. He finally found his calling by taking mail-order art courses at night. Read more about him at The Field Guide to Wild American Pulp Artists.
  • Original publication year: 1942, by The Macmillan Company
  • This edition year: No date listed, but Internet Consensus™ is that it was published in 1949.
  • This edition publisher: Popular Library, New York
  • Original price: 25 cents
  • Pages: 250
  • Format: Paperback
  • First sentence: "What's all this about a mysterious grave in the garden down at Heron Point?" asked my tall, good-looking older brother, Josh, as he held the car door open for me.
  • Last sentence: Chief Lindsey, the old romantic!
  • Random sentence from middle: She had never heard of radium, and I wished I had not.
  • Original Kirkus review: "Ghosts and local legends make atmosphere for feminine interference in deadings, as Ann finds her relatives and friends implicated in sudden deaths. Twins further complicate matters, Ann almost pays dearly for her snooping, but local law sleuths the corpser and the motives. Fair."
  • Modern thoughts and reviews: You should read the humorous and short review by William F. Deeck on It properly scolds the heroine for her "dunderheadedness." Also, for more on Blood on Her Shoe and author Field, check out "The Mysteries of Medora Field" on The Passing Tramp.

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