Sunday, April 1, 2018

Trio of vintage Easter postcards

Given that Papergreat is now in its eighth full year, you would think there would be more Easter-themed posts in the archives. But a little searching reveals that's not the case. I've missed a bundle of Easter opportunities over the years. So I'll make up for it this year with a trio of vintage Easter postcards for your enjoyment.

Above: This "Best Easter Wishes" postcard, with a girl carrying a basket of chicks, was published by Paul Finkenrath Ltd. (PFB), a German outfit that was in business from 1901 to 1911, according to It was postmarked 110 years ago (April 17, 1908) and sent to Miss Rhoda Berger in Foltz, Pennsylvania. The short cursive note states: "Dear Rhoda, Trusting this may be a very happy Easter to you. I am as ever your friend. Paul."

Above: This pink postcard has the printed message "Ach. I gladly greet you mit Easter vishes shveet." It was postmarked at New York City's Station K on April 22, 1916. It was mailed someone addressed as Miss. The first name is either Berthe or Bertha. The last name is either Bussee or Bussel. Or even Bussell, if the writer misspelled it. So many possibilities. The short cursive note states: "I wish you all the joys of Easter and may the future be very bright and happy. Mary Roche Nemick." And, no, I'm not sure about "Nemick." It could be something else.

Above: This "With Best Wishes for Easter" postcard features a robust-looking chick in a basket. I don't think that chick came out of that shell. The Davidson Bros. postcard was never stamped or postmarked. But it was addressed to Mrs. E.G. Williams of Newville, Pennsylvania, and there is this cursive message: "Sac City, April 2, 1909. Dear Sister did you Rec my last letter. All Well. your sister Ella Kyle."

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  1. That is the funniest little chick I've ever seen in the "just arrived" basket :)