Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Book cover: "The Iceberg Express"

  • Title: The Iceberg Express
  • Author: David Cory (1872-1966)
  • That name is familiar. Yes, Cory's Puss in Boots, Jr. In Fairyland was featured on Papergreat in September 2016.
  • Series: Little Journeys to Happyland (#3 of 5)
  • Illustrator: P.H. Webb
  • Publisher: Grosset & Dunlap, New York
  • Cover price: Unknown.
  • Publication year: 1922
  • Pages: 154
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Advertising material on dust jacket flap: Little Journeys to Happyland. Individual Colored Wrappers. Profusely Illustrated. Printed in large type — easy to read. For Children from 4 to 8 years. This series is unique in that it deals with unusual and exciting adventures on land and sea and in the air.
  • Is it "Profusely Illustrated"? No. That's a bit of an exaggeration.
  • First sentence: One bright morning in August little Mary Louise put on her hat and went trudging across the meadow to the beach.
  • What does Mary Louise discover? A mermaid.
  • Last sentences: Well, well, have we come to the end of the story, you and I, little reader? I'm sorry I've nothing more to tell you in this book, but listen — lean over to me and listen — I've written another book for the "Little Journeys to Happyland" series — it is called "The Wind Wagon." Isn't that a strange title? But I know you'll like it — yes, I'm sure you will. So don't forget. It will be published next year. Yours for a story, David Cory. The End.
  • Random sentence from middle: The opera house was guarded by a candy lion, and a fountain in the middle of the town spouted maple syrup.
  • Wait. Is this Hatchy Milatchy? No.
  • Goodreads review: In 2016, Ramona wrote: "Came across this original 1922 hardcover childrens book that my mom had as a child. Delightful little book that takes you back to simpler times — long before reading & using your imagination were taken over by sitting in front of the tv or playing video games."
  • Amazon review: In 2014, Searchtower wrote: "another old story, no gore no violence just imagination."
  • Other series advertised in this book: The Little Washingtons books by Lillian Elizabeth Roy and Tuck-Me-In Tales by Arthur Scott Bailey.

Bonus: From the endpapers
While the book itself is not "profusely illustrated", the endpapers are gorgeous. There are eight separate color illustrations — four in the front of the book and four in the back. Here is one of the illustrations from the front.

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