Monday, October 8, 2018

October roundup of Postcrossing recipient thank-you messages

I mailed a honking-huge bundle of autumn-themed Postcrossing cards in early September, so it's time for another roundup of emailed thank-you messages that have come my way from fellow postcard enthusiasts across the globe...

Marta from Portugal wrote: "Happy autumn! I loved your postcard, thank you so much! I love autumn too! It's such a great time of the year! ... Like you, my hobbies are books and photography, but I also do ballet. (I didn't understand exactly what was the other thing [ephemera] you do.) I also hope we can soon have a world with peace, acceptance, compassion and equality!"

Bubbaboo (age 5) from Australia wrote: "Thank you for my card. I listen to mum sometimes, but sometimes I ignore her."

Lisa from the Czech Republic wrote: "I love the postcard very much! It is so beautiful! I understand your love for the time of year, too! The colours are divine and the air is fresh and crisp as you walk down the street crunching on the dried leaves carpeting the pavement. My dad’s favourite word Is 'autumnal'"

Akvile from Lithuania wrote: "Thank you for a beautiful postcard. I checked out your blog. It's amazing that you have so many hobbies and were able to put everything in a blog. There is so much different and interesting posts that it's easy to get lost. Keep on being amazing."

Gamze from Germany wrote: "Thank you very much for this postcard with a lot of things to discover. I love these kind of colorful prints where you see something different each time you look at it! Also big thanks for the stamps! I usually receive the same stamps on postcards from US, these are way more interesting. Your answers to my questions are very interesting. The #1 answer to the question with the dinner guest I have received is ... Michelle Obama. I also think that she is gorgeous! I wish you all the best and a colorful fall season!"

Helena from Belarus wrote: "Привет! Спасибо большое!!!!!! Открытка великолепна! Лена." That translates roughly to: "Hello! Thank you so much!!!!!! The postcard is great! Lena."

Nadya from Russia wrote: "I am in awe of this gorgeous card!"

Jessie from Taiwan wrote: "Thank you so much for the beautiful postcard and glorious stamps. I love them. Here in Taiwan especially in Taipei [it] rains a lot in autumn and it's getting colder. I don't really like this. Have a nice day."

Oksana in the United Arab Emirates wrote: "Thank you very much for your message. Nice pic, nice stamps and nice words. It's a real pleasure to read kind words from an American person after watching USA news last months. TV programmes really scare me nowadays and only real-people messages kind of make me feel more safe."

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