Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Book cover: "Magilla Gorilla and the Super Kite"

As a kid, I was a fan of Magilla Gorilla. But I do not approve of primates being bought and sold. And they certainly shouldn't be placed in display windows.

  • Title: Magilla Gorilla and the Super Kite
  • Author: Horace J. Elias ("story by" credit)
  • Illustrator: None credited
  • Publisher: Ottenheimer Publishers, Inc.
  • Distributor: Wonder Books (a division of Grosset & Dunlap)
  • Copyright: Hanna-Barbera Productions, Inc.
  • Publication year: 1976
  • Original price: 79 cents (the equivalent of $3.52 today)
  • Pages: 20
  • Format: Hardcover
  • First sentence: One day Magilla Gorilla returned to Mr. Peebles' pet shop after making a delivery.
  • Last sentence: "Nobody's going to make a monkey out of me!"
  • Random sentence from the middle: By the time he passed over where Mr. Peebles, Droop-a-long Coyote, and Ricochet Rabbit were looking up with their mouths wide open, he was eighty-one feet in the air and climbing!
  • Eighty-one feet is oddly specific: Agreed.
  • Online reviews: None. Although the book is mentioned in this passage of Tim Hollis' 2015 book Toons in Toyland: The Story of Cartoon Character Merchandise:
    "In 1976, Modern began subleasing its Hanna-Barbera rights to Wonder Books, which kept the same basic format but used traditional hardcover bindings. Huckleberry Hound and the Big Blooming Rosebush, Magilla Gorilla and the Super Kite, and Fred Flintstone's Surprising Corn did not deliver any more than their titles promised, although The Flintstones: Wilma's Busy Day at least distinguished itself by giving Mrs. Flintstone a nude scene on the cover. Yabba-dabba-Duh, HUH?!"

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