Thursday, May 30, 2019

Teaser post: 1937's Chandler Pageant

Before Papergreat closes up shop, I want to research and write about a fun moment in my family history: the 250th Anniversary Chandler Reunion, aka the "Chandler Pageant," which was held 82 years ago, in September 1937. This was an extravaganza that involved reservations, free parking, a DIRECTOR, an electric fountain display and much more.

It was way fancier than most reunions I've been to, which tend to involve a cooler filled with beer and soda, grilled hot dogs and children running around who might not even belong to anyone there.

I mean, the Chandler Pageant had a whole "Committee on Reservations" and some serious ephemera, more of which I'll share when I do the full post. One of the committee members was Swithin Chandler (1888–1961), the older brother of my great-grandmother, Greta Miriam Chandler Adams.

I only missed being alive to attend "The Light Bearers" by 33 years, which is kind of a bummer. So I'll have to make up for that by providing a good writeup of this historic event at a future date.

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