Thursday, May 30, 2019

Use your last Pym particles to travel to 1975 & buy Evel Knievel towels

This advertisement appears in the July 1975 issue of Marvel Two-in-One (The Thing and the Black Widow). At the height of Robert Craig "Evel" Knievel motorcycle-stunt mania, this was an attempt to capitalize on the hoopla with ... towels. Because people in the 1970s definitely wanted to dry off their naughty bits with a towel featuring the likeness of a guy who intentionally misspelled the word evil and thought attempting to rocket over the Grand Canyon was a bright idea.

Folks who fell for this comic-book marketing had the choice of a three-piece bath set or a 32-inch-by-60-inch beach towel. Either choice was $5, which equates to about $23.60 today.

Most humiliatingly, perhaps, was that envelopes containing their hard-earned money had to be mailed to "Evel Towels" in Chicago.

Here's what the actual beach towel looked like, via Pinterest.

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