Sunday, May 26, 2019

Mystery RPPC: Man in bowler hat and tired girl

Here is the second item I picked up at a local yard sale earlier this month.1 This real photo postcard, like so many others, is an AZO card dating from between 1904 and 1918. There is no identifying information, and the card was never mailed.

And so we have a well-dressed man wearing a bowler hat and a well-dressed young girl (his daughter?) who looks tired, unhappy or both. Perhaps this was taken right before heading to Sunday church. The background leaves much to be desired. Couldn't they have picked something more interesting? Or something that might have given us a better shot at determining the location? Sigh.

Last question: Do you think there's a chance this is the same girl (a little older) from the first postcard I featured from this batch?

1. There were 8 items total acquired for 50 cents apiece at the May 11 Dover Township yard sale. Mostly postcards, plus one photo. The first one was featured on May 15.

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  1. Maybe the girl was a tomboy like me at her age and was resentfully enduring the stuffy dress, uncomfortable boots and frilly hair bow - and the sun in her eyes - when she'd rather have been unfettered and free, off playing in the creek or climbing a tree. (Rhyme unintentional, but I like it.) Note her clenched right hand.