Monday, March 30, 2020

Stay-at-home shelfie #1

I'm entering Week 3 of working from home here in Dover, Pennsylvania. And York County was officially added to Governor Tom Wolf's "Stay at Home" order on Friday. To mark the days and help pass the time, I'm going to start a Shelfie Tour of my bedroom. Consider it a visual version of 2016's "All my books (or A Perfectly Ridiculous Way to Spend a Sunday)." There are a lot of books, so we'll see how many days this gets us through. Be safe out there. Read lots of books!

* * *


On May 17, I realized that this wasn't a very comprehensive post, compared to so many of the other rambling shelfie posts. So I hereby and retroactively add this rundown of these shelves:

The top shelf includes two novels by Charlie Jane Anders, two books that journalist and Pennsylvania native Harry Warner Jr. (1922-2003) wrote about the history of science fiction fandom (All Our Yesterdays and A Wealth of Fable), and some works by Neil Gaiman (The Ocean at the End of the Lane has surpassed Neverwhere as my favorite Gaiman novel). There are also some mid-century anthologies of science fiction edited by Groff Conklin.

The second shelf contains the start of the Cliff Simak novels (which continue on shelfie #2), some Hans Holzer paranormal paperbacks, and then a bunch of other purportedly nonfiction books about ghosts and hauntings, mostly within the United Kingdom. I have featured several of them in past posts, including A Ghost Hunter's Game Book, Haunted Houses, Haunted England, and Haunted Britain.

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