Saturday, April 4, 2020

Stay-at-home shelfie #6

Sorry for the lesser quality of this snapshot. We're into the "catacombs" — the books behind the books in Shelfie #4. Some of these are reprints of older history volumes. There are some books about the history and folk tales of various regions of Pennsylvania. And there are some hyperspecific books about aspects of my family geneaology. After my grandmother, Helen Chandler Adams Ingham, died in 2003, it took Mom and I quite a long time to go through her stuff. It included shelves and boxes full of her geneaology research materials. We ended up carting and donating most of it to various historical societies all over the Mid-Atlantic. (Moving books from Place A to Place B has pretty much been my secondary profession for the past 17 years.) Anyway, I only ended up with a handful of those books, some coming to my shelves after Mom died. I've had it drilled into me that some of these volumes are Important Family History™ that must be kept. But, looking around, I'm not exactly sure who the keeper will be after me, and I certainly haven't cracked all of them open. Among the titles here is Welsh Founders of Pennsylvania by Thomas Allen Glenn, which one Amazon reviewer gave five stars, stating "it's fairly easy to decipher, though a bit confusing at times." There is also the two-volume A History of Rose Valley, which is lauded as "a must read especially if you are from Rose Valley." My grandmother had a house in Rose Valley until the early 1970s and I've never written much about it, even though those are some of my earliest childhood memories. I'll have to get to that some day. Please remind me.

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