Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Stay-at-home shelfie #18

We have spun around and arrived at The Ruth Manning-Sanders Bookshelf™. My favorite author. I won't bombard you with her life story, because there are more than 60 other posts in which I've done that over the past decade. And I'll save any new essays for future posts.

Before Manning-Sanders veered into collecting fairy tales, much of her early work consisted of poetry and novels aimed at adults. For the most part those are the books on this shelf. The novels include Elephant, The Twelve Saints, Adventure May Be Anywhere, The Crochet Woman, Hucca's Moor (but not a copy with the amazing and disturbing dust jacket) and the wonderfully titled Pages From the History of Zachy Trenoy: Sometime Labourer in the Hundredth of Penwith.

Also on this shelf are some of her history books: The River Dart, The West of England, and The English Circus. Laying across the top is a more recent but rare volume: A Forgotten Prodigy — Joan Manning-Sanders and Her Circle. It contains some new-to-me biographical material about the family that will inform future posts.

Bonus picture

This shelf is close to the door, so it becomes an spot for piling other books. When I took this shelfie, these books were in front of the Manning-Sanders books shown above. Three books I have borrowed from Kaitlyn in our Household Book Swap: Nuremberg, Fool and Carter Beats the Devil. Now all I have to do is read them!

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