Friday, April 17, 2020

Stay-at-home shelfie #20

Here's the final and bottom shelf of the Ruth Manning-Sanders Bookcase. There are more of her titles, including some children's books (such as Grandad and the Magic Barrel and Stumpy). There are country- or culture-themed folk tale anthologies such as Gianni and the Ogre, Damian and the Dragon, The Glass Man and the Golden Bird, and The Red King and the Witch. There are biographies she wrote about Hans Christian Andersen and Margaret Catchpole.1 (I told you she was prolific!) And there is Festivals, which contains "The Christmas Crab Apples," a tale I have been sharing since 2014. There are two different editions of Festivals, but I haven't yet mustered the energy to do a post comparing and contrasting them.

To the right, stacked vertically, are all of my Manning-Sanders research materials and notes. If I ever publish a magazine article, book or screenplay about her, it pretty much had its genesis in this stack.

1. Catchpole has a superb opening line on Wikipedia, which describes her as "an English adventuress, chronicler and criminal."

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  1. Hooray for the Ruth Manning-Sanders shelves! I've never come across any of her non-fairy tale books, though I certainly love her "A Book of..." books and consider the mermaid one to be one of my favorite fairy tale collections.