Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Great links: Homemade maps describing life during COVID-19

Irene Palko of Glasgow, Scotland, via Bloomberg CityLab

Bloomberg CityLab unveiled the results of a thoughtful and inspiring project on June 18. It's titled "How 2020 Remapped Your Worlds: Through homemade maps, readers shared perspectives and stories from a world transformed by the coronavirus pandemic" and was put together by Laura Bliss and Jessica Lee Martin.

The premise was simple but brilliant: "In April, CityLab asked readers to share homemade maps of their lives during the coronavirus pandemic. The more than 400 maps we received are so many windows into what people around the globe have experienced through this extraordinary crisis, as well as its sprawling social consequences."

I highly encourage you to scroll through CityLab's curation of some of the maps from across the world. It's quite the wonder, and also quite a historical document — one that I hope finds its way to a print format.1

Each map is "accompanied by the words of the mapmaker, edited for clarity and flow," according to CityLab. Those words are yet another window into this time. Just a few excerpts:

  • In Bolivia: "A lot has changed: We communicate more, we collaborate for food purchases and we are in solidarity with each other."
  • In the Netherlands: "I’ve retreated into my own world and drawn a map of the place I go to. My life has become more humane. More relaxed. It seems to me people tend to notice each other more, greet each other more."
  • In France: "The earth is not round anymore. I represented the single kilometer around my house where I can walk, run, ride my bike. Beyond this limit is the unknown. It is forbidden. I feel like I am in the Middle Ages."

Enough of the excerpts. Please take some time to browse the CityLab collection, and perhaps think about what your own map of 2020 might look like.

1. Tweet earlier today from Laura Bliss: "We're working on it :)"

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