Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Mystery snapshot: Pavilion atop hill

This undated snapshot is just 3⅝ inches wide (which includes a quarter-inch white border, which I cropped out, all the way around). It's a moody, contrasty shot of a pavilion and some well-dressed folks at the top of a round hill. The shadows cast by the tree branches are wonderful — perhaps even slightly forboding. One might guess this is early spring.

Who are these people? What is their event? Did they know they were being photographed? I come across a lot of old photographs like this that have only a number written on the back. I'm guessing these are proof photos and the number refers to the negative, so that people could decide which photos they wanted as proper prints? In many cases, I would think the proof photo is the only one that was ever printed. (How nice it would have been, though, if they had stamped a date on the back of each proof, too.)

If you want to check out more mystery photos, this March 15 post is a good place to start. See the list at the bottom.

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