Friday, June 11, 2021

Parasol thief

This classified advertisement from a century ago, in the January 11, 1921, edition of The Bucyrus (Ohio) Evening Telegraph, made me laugh. I wonder how it turned out. Did the parasol thief read the newspaper and exclaim, "Crikey! They're on to us, Martha!"

This is from the classified section called "The People's Want Column." Some other items from that day include:
  • FOR SALE — Anyone wishing a car of good yellow ear corn, write F. W. Weimer, Cedarville, O.
  • WANTED — Lady to demonstrate gas appliances at Logan Gas office. Apply to Miss Bickel at the Gas office.
  • WANTED — The public to know that Mrs. Steinhelfer's name was omitted from the telephone directory, and her phone No. is 4607.
  • LOST — An umbrella in North Bucyrus Saturday forenoon while convassing [sic] for books. Finder please leave at this office and receive reward.
  • WANTED — The person who took the lantern from the Mary St. dump to return to Ohio Power Co. Phone 5477.
  • WANTED — All kinds of junk, and live poultry, also eggs, by Silverstein Junk & Poultry Co. Phone 5952.
And, yes, I'm curious about Silverstein Junk & Poultry Company. How did that business start? "Let's get into buying and selling junk. Also, chickens. That seems like a profitable mix."

Alas, the only information I found about the company was that same classified advertisement, being published over and over.

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