Saturday, June 12, 2021

Keeping up with "From the readers"

The last one of these was a behemoth entry that took me half a day to assemble, so here's a more modest post to stay on track with sharing all the groovy and insightful comments from Papergreat readers. (Also, ICYMI, we had a bonus "From the readers" post discussing Genesis (the band), jukeboxes and the Philadelphia Flyers.)

Book cover: "Snow Above Town" (Armed Services Edition): Wendyvee writes: "Comfort/entertainment with a side of propaganda. I wonder how far (and with how many different people) these traveled. Also, I can just about *smell* this picture."

Parasol thief: Wendyvee tweets: "This blog post initiates more questions than it answers; but I'm inspired to change my name to Miss Bickel and start a Live Poultry & Junk Emporium. Also, Mrs. Steinhelfer has a new phone Who Dis?"

Cheerful Card Company can help you earn extra money for the holidays: Virginia H. writes: "I worked there as a data entry operator. Fine memories of fellow employees. Nice to read people have good memories of our company."

As the holiday gift-buying season ramps up, consider opulent owls: Christina DeAngelo writes: "That owl came in a kit that was sent out monthly to kids to complete their own art project. I cannot believe I found this picture. It was made of Styrofoam and it was one of my favorite projects. Thank you for posting this picture. It is a great memory."

The Lost Corners of Paul Crockett: starviego writes: "Squeaky Fromme said in her book that the rumor was that Crockett was a military 'deprogrammer.' He was certainly in the right place at the right time if that was his true reason for being there."

(Note: What other blog that you read jumps from opulent owls to Squeaky Fromme?)

Skylab and scary space junk: Brian Busby of the dandy website The Dusty Bookcase writes: "Thank you for this, Chris. It brought back memories of Bill Lee and the Montreal Expos (RIP). Seems appropriate that his nickname was "Spaceman." After reading your post, I gave Warren Zevon's 'Bill Lee' a listen. It was every bit as moving as I remembered.

Three vintage "We Missed You at Church" postcards: Catherine Dumont writes: "Hi Chris, fellow postcard collector here, hailing from Montréal, Québec. Found your blog researching 'Sunday school' cards. Love the first one, groovy!"

The One Where I Get Sucked into the Mecki Universe: J F Jacob writes: "After many years of wondering about a strange postcard that my parents had, I have finally learned what it is!" 

If it ain't got that Zing!
Doo wah, doo wah, doo wah, doo wah, doo wah, doo wah, doo wah, doo wah."

WNEP-TV staff from 1975, including Miss Judy: Alex Hayes writes: "Geisinger Children’s Miracle Network would hold a carnival at Queen of Peace Catholic School in Shamokin every year. I guess it was a satellite carnival of the larger one held at the hospital in Danville. I went to Transfiguration, which was across the street, and we got to get out of school for a few hours to enjoy the festivities. Miss Judy came one year to sign autographs. I believe I still have it in a box. She was the first celebrity I ever met."

(Great memory! Thank you for sharing this, Alex!)

Postcard: Very twisted tree in Michigan's Thumb: David Shedlock writes: "Great blog, I bookmarked it for future fun reading. One thought on the photograph. When I first found this postcard, I wondered why the photographer/publisher called it 'The Tree That Grows' since all trees grow (Assuming they are alive!). But, when I followed the link to the other angle of the tree by the same publisher the title was 'A Tree That Grows AT Harbor Beach, Mich.' (emphasis mine). I am guessing that the first picture above was actually the second one published and someone misread or mistyped the first title."

(Excellent detective work, David! And thank you for the Papergreat compliment!)

Mystery Polaroid of two dogs: Anonymous writes: "My guess would be Basenji dogs. Look it up."

Book cover: "Investigating UFO's": David Shedlock writes: "According to Collins dictionary, UFOs or UFO's is acceptable. Four questions for President Obama pertaining to his comment 'would solidify people’s sense that what we have in common is a little more important' 1. What people have that sense, that only needs solidified? 2. What do they think people have in common that is more important? 3. More important than what? 4. Why is whatever 'they' think is more important, really more important?"

Postcard: Billy Goat Gruff at Children's Fairyland: Wendyvee writes: "Awww, this reminds me of the old Fantasyland in Gettysburg. Also, you just added another destination on my big 'to-do' map."

(Note: Speaking of 'to-do,' I have some Fantasyland postcards around here somewhere for a future Papergreat post.)

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