Saturday, June 12, 2021

Saturday's postcard: View of Towanda, Pennsylvania

Here's an old postcard with an nice aerial view of Towanda, which is located in northeastern Pennsylvania, along the Susquehanna River. Towanda is said to mean "burial ground" or "where we bury the dead" in the Algonquian languages. So, yes, disturbingly the borough is built upon an Indigenous peoples burial ground. Some argue that it's built near the burial ground.

Towanda has also been called Meansville, Overton, Williamson and Monmouth over the years. 

The postcard appears to have been mailed from Delaware Water Gap, Pennsylvania. There were some missing letters on the postmark. I had to deal with the Wheel of Fortune puzzle of DE___RE WAT___. I cannot, however, determine the year on the postmark, though it was mailed with a one-cent stamp. So it's likely a century or more old.

The card was mailed to Miss Bessie Detrick in North Water Gap, Pennsylvania, which I believe is just a bit to the north.

The cursive note states:
Spent a very pleasant evening with Mr. Houghton and other guests. The day has been an exceptionally pleasant one, the only disagreeable thing that happened was my getting caught in the shower while crossing the river in the ferry boat. I was wet as far as it could make it.

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