Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Vintage postcards from Jack O’Lantern Resort in Woodstock, N.H.

Tonight's Mild Fear 2021 post contains zero actual fear, just some autumn loveliness at the named-appropriately-for-Halloween Jack O’Lantern Resort in Woodstock, New Hampshire. 

Maine and, to the best of my knowledge, New Hampshire are the two New England states that I've never been to.1 But I'd like to see them sometime, especially in the autumn.

The top postcard shows the Continental Room at the Jack O'Lantern Resort and refers to the Spirit of '76, which could date the Dexter Press card to around the bicentennial. The other card is branded with "Greetings from Jack O'Lantern Inn and Motor Resort" but simply features the wonders of New England's fall foliage, not the inn itself. It's an Ektachrome by Ray Foster.

The Jack O'Lantern Resort dates to the 1920s, beginning as a tavern named after a pumpkin patch. And, unlike the majority of the motels, lodges and inns featured in old postcards on Papergreat, it's still going quite strong today. According to the history page on its website:
"Over the past 15 years, Jack O’Lantern Resort has completed the transition from a roadside motel and cabin to a modern 50-unit condominium featuring the finest comfortable country accommodations in the region. The aging Tavern has been replaced by an expanded Golf Clubhouse Grille and Bar that continues to maintain the Resort’s reputation for great food served in a relaxed and informal setting."
Sounds like the perfect spot to stay if you're ever feeling a strong yearning to be brave and daring, and spend a weekend in New England. Put perhaps that's a story whose end must now wait.

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