Friday, May 22, 2015

Stuff from 505: "Woman Reading" by Pieter Janssens Elinga

Now that we have successfully completed the clean-out and move-out of my mom's house in southeastern Pennsylvania (which had been in the family since the 1950s and was mostly filled with stuff put there by my grandmother and great-grandparents), I have a ridiculous amount of new "old stuff" to write about here.1 I think I'll come up with a new Label2 to delineate items that fall into this category. "Stuff from 505" — 505 being the house number — is one Label possibility, but maybe that's a bit to obscure. Then again, this whole blog is obscure.

I'll think of something this week.

There have already been a few 2015 posts which would fall into this new category — "Revolving Poker Rack," "Mystery tiny notepad" and "Luckyday buttons," for example.

Today's item is a small piece of wood, about the size of a baseball card, upon which has been placed an image of a woman sitting in a room and reading a book.

A little easy research has determined that this is a cropped version of Woman Reading, which was painted by Pieter Janssens Elinga sometime around 1668 to 1670.

This painting joins a nice collection of Papergreat-curated illustrations of girls and women reading books:

So, on that note, share what you're reading this weekend in the Comments section!

1. Of course, the Papergreat backlog was already borderline ridiculous, though I was chipping away at it. Now it's back to full-blown ridiculous.
2. Labels are those category links you see at the bottom of each post.

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