Monday, November 7, 2016

Another day, another mystery ancestor photograph

Here's another History Mystery photo that Mom found in the family archives. It's just 2⅜ inches wide. We have no clear idea of who this person might be, because the various writing on the back is as follows:

Gregg Yarnal
Abraham Jackov

And that's our best guess on the last letter of Jackov. It could also be Jackob.

Who are you, Bearded Mystery Relative?

* * *

In unrelated family history news, Mom recently shared with me this England Forever video, which explores historic Sherborne Abbey (aka "The Abbey Church of St Mary the Virgin at Sherborne") in Dorset, England.

The video, which is nearly 10 minutes long, explores the various corners of the structure and includes a short moment at the tomb of two of my oldest known likely ancestors, Sir John Horsey and his son, also Sir John Horsey.1 According to Wikipedia, the son "was regarded as untrustworthy. He eventually became addicted to gambling, and this along with his extravagant construction projects was a large drain on the family coffers." His son was also named Sir John Horsey.

Here's are two screen shots from the England Forever video.

1. So, yes, it would appear that I am a descendant of one of the knights of Henry VIII. But I'm not going to let it go to my head. Also, these two Horseys were alive at almost the precise period when the awarding of knighthood was more honorific than related to military service.

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