Sunday, August 27, 2017

Mystery photos: The Bow Tie Man and his family

These two found photographs — each with an image that measures just 3 inches across — have no names, dates or identifying information whatsoever. So all we're left with are the mystery and the questions. Both photos feature a man, wearing a striped dress shirt and a bow tie, and a young girl who we can probably assume is his daughter.

The first photo is on the steps of a house and also includes two young men who could be the Bow Tie Man's sons. The one sitting closest to him definitely bears a strong resemblance.

The second photo is inside, where there are some interesting furnishings. The girl (with her doll) is sitting on the man's lap and they are looking at a book. (Well, the man is looking at the book. The girl is, somewhat hauntingly, looking right at the unknown person wielding the camera.)

Here's a closer look at the man and the girl in each of the photos...

And those eyes...

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  1. It's unfortunate that I think of The Bow-Tie Killer from "Problem Child," isn't it?