Friday, September 1, 2017

Colorful illustration on 1926 Red Star Line postcard

Labor Day Weekend Postcard Blogathon #1

Happy September! I'll be celebrating Labor Day weekend by working five straight night shifts, starting tonight. Somebody has to put the "Labor" in Labor Day, I guess. And there are no days off, except for the occasional Christmas Day edition in some towns, from getting that morning newspaper onto your doorstep.1

But, although I'm working, I squirreled away a bunch of quickie postcard posts for your enjoyment. Don't expect any Woodward-and-Bernstein levels of research on these, just some quick vintage ephemera goodness to help you pass the time.

First up is this colorful illustration on a Red Star Line postcard that was mailed from Plymouth, England, in June 1926 with a red three-halfpence stamp.2 The Red Star Line was an American-Belgian ocean passenger line that was in business from 1871 to 1935 and later became the Holland America Line.

I found another occurence of this illustration on a 1927 Red Star Line breakfast menu that's featured on this Dutch-language blog. There's a Red Star Line Museum and website, if your curiosity is further piqued.

This postcard was mailed to Mrs. Lizzie Williams, Retired Merchant, in Newville, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania. The note states:
Near Plymouth, England, June 19 / 26.
Dear Sister, - With the exception of fog we have had a good voyage and little excuse for sea sickness. These large ships are steady although all roll more or less especially in stormy weather. Love to all.

1. Actual doorstep not included.
2. But it's not the original Three Halfpence Red, which was issued during the 1870s.

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