Saturday, September 2, 2017

Postcard: Château de Prény

Labor Day Weekend Postcard Blogathon #8

Continuing with the castle theme, here's a real photo postcard that has been labeled — right on the print — Ancient Castle - Preny W.S. 82.

This never-used postcard was published by AZO sometime between 1910 and 1930, based on the stamp box.

The "ancient castle" in question here — ruins, really — is Château de Prény in northeastern France, not far from the borders of Germany, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, and Belgium. It dates to the 11th century, though its full origins are unclear. It has been the site of numerous battles and seiges over the years, as you might imagine, including some long and nasty ones in 1262 and 1266. Although it was already in ruins by the 19th century, it was further decimated by fighting that took place in and around it during World War I.

Here's an illustration of Château de Prény in its better days.

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