Friday, September 1, 2017

Vintage postcard of City Park in Reading, Pennsylvania

Labor Day Weekend Postcard Blogathon #2

This old postcard, printed on heavier-than-usual stock, is labeled "VIEW IN CITY PARK, READING, PA." It features well-dressed individuals sitting on benches, along a tree-shaded path. A park bench, with a nice book, seems like a good weekend spot for Labor Day Weekend 2017, don't you think?

City Park is, indeed, the full name of this location in Reading, and it still exists, under the guidance of the Reading Recreation Commission. It even has a Facebook page.1

This postcard is undated and was never used. It was published by the Mt. Penn Souvenir Card Company of Reading.

1. Some Facebook comments about the park:
  • "City Park is one of the jewels in the city. The Summer Concert series has proven that City Park is a beautiful venue. The basketball courts are home for many of the city youth in the Blacktop League. To stroll around the paths of the park and take in the beauty and the history of all the monuments is also a nice afternoon."
  • "This park used to have a castle until it deteriorated and had to be torn down. It also has a bunch of basketball courts for people who want to live out their hoop dreams."
  • "Homeless people were urinating in [the castle], doing drugs and leaving needles, bags, etc, and having sex and leaving 'debris' in it. That's why they tore it down! It reeked!"
  • "City park is a great place to sit and relax and reflect on the gift of life we're given."

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