Saturday, September 2, 2017

Postcard: Scotland's Edinburgh Castle and Ross Fountain

Labor Day Weekend Postcard Blogathon #7

This postcard is younger than me, so it's one of the more recently produced pieces of ephemera featured on the blog.

The gorgeous card features the Ross Foundation, which was built in the 1800s in France and was subsequently purchased and gifted to the city of Edinburgh, Scotland, where it was installed in 1872. In early July of this year, the fountain was dismantled for a significant renovation project that is expected to cost £1.5 million. According to an article by Fiona Pringle in the Edinburgh Evening News:
The operation is part of the Ross Development Trust’s plans to regenerate the gardens.

The arms and buttocks of the two-tonne statue were removed before it was cut away from the rest of the fountain and then lifted down by a crane.

The rest of the fountain is being dismantled today and will be reunited with the statue before both are transferred to a trailer with built-in hydraulics and transported to Wigan, where conservation experts will carry out the work.
How long will the restoration take? One source in Pringle's article stated: "When you’re dealing with a fountain that’s 145 years old it’s not just a case of giving it a lick of paint. It’s going to be a fairly lengthy process."

The postcard also features, in the background, historic Edinburgh Castle, parts of which date to the 12th century.

This card was mailed to an address in Yonkers, New York, in 1978. The note, clearly written by a child, states:
Dear Aunt Beverly,
We are in scotland enjoying our vacation. thank you for your letter and picturs. I have to go and eat breckfast now.
Love Allison

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