Wednesday, October 31, 2018

"Watch well which way you wander the while"

Up next on the vintage postcard parade for Mild Fear 2018 is another Whitney Made card. This one was postmarked on October 30, 1923, in Dayton, Ohio. It features, as you can see, a benevolent-looking witch sitting on a toadstool and playing what I believe to be a mandolin. An owl and a black cat are dancing to whatever tune she's playing, while a smiling, apparently sentient, pumpkin watches. A second black cat, partially hiding behind the witch, appears unsure what to make of this whole situation.

The text on the card states:

There was a witch and thus she sang —
To the merry tune of twang, twing, twang,
When witches will with their wizardy wile
Watch well which way you wander the while

When it was mailed 95 years ago, the postcard only had to travel about 70 miles, from Dayton, Ohio, to Columbus, Ohio. It was sent to "Mr. Paul & Walter Wickoff." The cursive message states:
We would be glad to see you at 233 W. 5th St. Dayton, Ohio
Guess who.
Whatever house might have been there a century ago appears to be long gone. That general location is now home to Sinclair College's "National UAS Training and Certification Center," which focuses on unmanned aerial systems (UAS) technologies. You're probably not interested in more than that, so I won't drone on.

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