Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Vintage Halloween postcard:
Mr. Pumpkin's head is on a stick

Today's next vintage Halloween postcard is also a bit of a mystery, because I can't determine the publisher. On the front, as you can see if you squint, there's a very small capital C with a dot inside. On the divided back, the only useful text states "Series 339 A." If anyone knows the publisher for this card, please let me know.

It's an amusing image, with a boy being chased by a dog that looks like it's straight out of Our Gang while he (the boy) carries a huge jack-o'-lantern that's been impaled on a stick. In the distance, a cat is getting out of Dodge.

The name J. Marvin Long (or Lang) is written on the back in cursive. But the postcard was never mailed.

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