Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Book cover: "Welsh Ghosts"

  • Title: Welsh Ghosts
  • Title in Welsh: Ysbrydion Cymru
  • Series: Viewing Wales Series
  • Author: Jeanette Dixon
  • Publisher: James Pike Ltd (Cornwall)
  • Cover price: Unknown
  • Publication date: 1975
  • Pages: 32
  • Format: Staplebound paperback
  • Provenance: Mom's bookshelf
  • First sentence: We live in a so-called Progressive Age.
  • Last sentence: At least, if you are out one dusky evening and suddenly hear the faint clattering of a horse's hooves you may just spot a Ceffyl Dwr before it disappears into the sea and under the waves...
  • Random sentence from middle #1: The ghosts are a legion, floating from almost every circumstance and century: pirates, witches, unmarried mothers, lovesick maidens, white, grey, black, green and even a blue lady, monks and nuns, together with a few more phenomena which cannot even be identified.
  • Random sentence from middle #2: Most peculiar of all is a phantom cat which is quite wild and roams all over the woods playing havoc.
  • Reviews: There are no ratings or reviews for this booklet on Amazon or Goodreads.
  • Revised edition: The Wolfenhowle Press is selling a new edition of this book for £7.99. It describes it as: "First published over forty years ago, this new and totally updated edition has been completely rewritten and expanded. It included not only some of the more famous tales, but also some that are virtually unknown nowadays, first appearing in Victorian newspapers."
  • Notes: This slim volume and another one from the series, Welsh Witchcraft (maybe I'll do that one for Mild Fear 2019), were on Mom's bookshelf, in the spooky section, for as long as I can remember. It's only 32 pages, so I should go ahead and read it straight through so I can put it up on Goodreads with some proper documentation. According to the back cover, other volumes in the James Pike's Viewing Wales Series from the 1970s include Ancient Industries and Handicrafts, Best Beaches, Birds, Legends & Folklore, Northern Footpaths, Railways, Smugglers and much more. Most of the volumes are fairly difficult to find these days.

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