Thursday, November 26, 2015

Thanksgiving postcard from 1914, plus a little guffaw

Happy Thanksgiving! This pleasant vintage Thanksgiving postcard features pumpkins, late-season cornstalks and a modest little house.

The fun comes on the back. The card was mailed from somewhere in Baltimore to a woman named Alice Kohler in Felton, Pennsylvania (York County). The message states:

"Dear Friend,
I am back in the city and working now. I hope this card will find you and your family all well. I saw Blinky tonight. She is still Fat, Ragged and Saucy.
Love to all,
So, who or what do we think Blinky is? Man or beast? I suppose it could be a cow (a saucy cow?) or a pig (a saucy pig?).

I guess we'll never, ever know. Oh well.

* * *

BUT WAIT. On a whim, I did a Google search for "fat, ragged and saucy," and here's one of the things I found. It's a page from 1824's Select Proverbs of all Nations: illustrated with notes and comments. To which is added, a Summary of Ancient Pastimes, etc. with an Analysis of the Wisdom of the Ancients, and of the Fathers of the Church, by Thomas Fielding.

So perhaps Blinky is a person. We'll still never know, though.

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  1. The mysteries can drive you nuts. Things forgotten to time, never to be known.