Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Want some ephemera?
Course you do!

Pardon my "wry" sense of obscure Return to Zork humor there.

I have been mentioning, perhaps ad nauseam, that I'm in the midst of trying to downsize my Stuff Situation this summer. Books can be donated to book sales and charity. But then there's the more delicate matter of ephemera — inherited papers from the three-plus generations that came before me.

Some of it (gasp) can just be recycled.

Too much of it, I'm keeping.

And then there's a third category: Miscellaneous ephemera that doesn't interest me, but that others might find interesting. Cool old paper, for sure, but paper that just doesn't make the cut here in the land of Too Much Stuff.

So I'd like to find it a new home.

If your lifelong dream is to be mailed Random Old Ephemera from a family you do not know, it might just be your lucky day.

Send your name and snail-mail address to me at chrisottopa (at), and I'll send you a lovely package that will have the others in your household exclaiming, "Why, exactly, did you want that stuff?" First come, first served.

* * *

Unrelated to this post, I received an email today from an awesome reader named Lisa who wants to send me some interesting ephemera that she came across. This isn't helping the downsizing, I know. But how can I resist such a nice offer? Lisa's hobby is postcards, and you should check out her website, where many nifty cards are featured.


  1. I happen to know some people on the internet who like free things. Perhaps we can send one ephemera envelope per pengin. THAT'LL SHOW THEM.

  2. Hmmmm. You may be on to something. I've been trying to downsize my ephemera as well. Some of it is so obscure, I'd hate to recycle/trash it.

  3. Do you have any QSL cards and/or vintage post cards (postally mailed, with writing from sender to recipient) to share? If so, you may finally uncover the true identity of Deep Throat, with gratitude in advance. -- M.F.

    1. Mark Felt: I would very happy to send you some mailed postcards and QSLs! You could email me at chrisottopa (at) with your mailing address or even send me a message on Twitter (@Papergreat) if you're looking for more anonymity. Carrier pigeon is also fine.