Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Good morning. Here's a postcard for this fine morning.

It won't last, but we're in the midst of a beautiful stretch of midsummer days in which the temperature is between 75 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit, and it's sunny with a perfect light breeze. No need for it ever to be any hotter than that.

So here's an old "Good morning glory" postcard for you to enjoy. I'm assuming she didn't wear those slippers to bed, and has just put them on, so that she can trod downstairs and have some cantaloupe and corn flakes. Or perhaps some Egg-O-See cereal.

This postcard has never been used, and it has a big pink blotch on the back. A tiny logo indicates that this was a Bergman Quality postcard. That New York company was only in business in 1912 and 1913, according to Alan Petrulis' magnificent

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