Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Pair of York County QSL cards

Here are a pair of York County QSL cards that I picked up, I think, within the past year at the store in York New Salem. The first one is from my new "town" of residence — Dover. (Technically, I'm in Dover Township. There is also a borough called Dover, with the township and borough being adjacent. Pennsylvania small government is weird. Actually, there is technically only one town in all of Pennsylvania — Bloomsburg. But even though it's incorporated as a town, it's treated like a borough. So there.)

The above card was for David Baker, whose call sign was 3W1763. There is no date anywhere on the front or back; this card was never used or mailed. Best guess for this QSL would be the 1950s or 1960s. I think my favorite part of it is the font used for PENNA.

This is a postcard that was turned into a makeshift QSL for Ernie from Dallastown. The black-and-white postcard shows St. Joseph's Roman Catholic School and Rectory, a parish that dates to 1850, according to its website.

Written in cursive on the front of the card is:

3W3834 - Base
128 W. Maple St.
Dallastown Pa.

I like how Ernie dots the I in his name with a circle. The back of the postcard has never been written on. It was published by The Tecraft Company of Tenafly, New Jersey.

* * *
I recently mailed an old QSL card to a Postcrossing card recipient in Japan who had mentioned, in his profile, that short-wave radio was one of his hobbies. After receiving it, he emailed back:
I appreciate your mail. I have never seen such an old QSL card! To tell you the truth, I was a ham radio operator... I got a license over 20 years ago when I was high-school student, but I stopped doing so because I was too busy for study. Newspaper business is changing in Japan too, as young people are not interested in reading it. It is hard to survive, but still journalism is important job, so good luck for your job!
Have a nice day,


  1. "Ernie" is Ernest G. Smeigh. Source: http://www.pabulletin.com/secure/data/vol40/40-24/1109i.html

    As to whether it's Ernie Sr. or Jr., the mystery continues: https://www.newspapers.com/newspage/96670204

    -- M.F.

    1. Thanks, "Mark." Good legwork on that one, and thank you for ALL of your recent comments and insights that you've been posting. Always appreciated.