Monday, June 26, 2017

4 Postcrossing cards packed with European folklife and culture

Sharing some folklife-themed postcards I have received in recent weeks via the joy of Postcrossing...

From sisters Vladimira and Alexandra in Slovakia. They write: "The postcard shows a type of our folklore — our heritage. You can also see the High Tatras — our beautiful mountains."

From Minna in Finland. She writes: "The card shows a typical farmyard from Finland before 1960's. And the old men and women have very typical farmers' clothes. But the good physical condition of the old men is not realistic. :D"

From Kseniia in Ukraine, who writes: "Motanka is a traditional Ukrainian handmade doll and also it is an amulet, a symbol of maternity, family and love."

Here's some more about the doll-motanka, from a website called "Family Nest":
"There were these dolls in every peasant house. They performed a variety of functions such as the protection of the house, of children, of sleep and of household. Children liked to play with it. This doll differs from a typical doll by the absence of face. According to the ancient popular beliefs, the face inspired a soul in a doll. The soul can be good or bad. These dolls are made from the natural materials such as (hay, straw, wood, herbs, dry leaves, grains, seeds). The doll-motanka was decorated by the national ornaments and by the embroidery.

"People believed that there was a spirit of ancestors in it and it could pass on the experience from generation to generation. The Ukrainian people believed that this symbol brought them wealth and fortune. The secrets of making this doll were passed on from mother to daughter."

From Angela in Germany. She writes: "This is a folk dance we do on the 1st of May. Men and women are dancing around a Maypole. Their colored ribbons weave a special design."

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