Friday, June 30, 2017

Cool illustrations: The New Human Interest Library (Part 20)

(This series might end up taking longer to finish than The Winds of Winter.)

When we get the inevitable rainy day this summer, and the kids are bored of playing the Atari 2600, Mouse Trap, and the Castle Amber module, here's 1929's The New Human Interest Library to the rescue!

Print out these four vintage puzzle pages, along with the handy answer sheet for yourself, give them some old-fashioned writing devices called pencils, and let them have hours of fun. The puzzles involve all sorts of wordplay and even some rebuses, with pigs and goats and bunnies and ducks mixed in.

In some cases, past readers have written in the answers (which just shows you how loved this book was), so you'll need to use Wite-Out or Photoshop to clear those away and let your kids start fresh. No biggie.

It looks like all of these puzzle illustrations were created by Conrad (Cobb) X. Shinn, whose name has come up a lot during this series.


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