Sunday, October 29, 2017

Vintage postcard: A Jolly Hallowe'en; plus, links to other spooky cards

As Noč čarovnic ("Halloween" in Slovenian) creeps closer, here's a slightly sad and stained old Hallowe'en postcard that was never used. Maybe I should send it through the postal system for the very first time, more than a century after its creation.

It features a witch, a black cat, some pumpkin-head men and some little devils/goblins/aliens. (The one in the haystack seems to have antennae, so I'm really not sure what's up with these guys.)

The back contains only a MADE IN U.S.A. designation and a small logo with an S and a B intertwined.

That logo stands for Samson Brothers (in existence from 1909 to 1919), and there were at least two other similar postcards in this witchy series, which is circa 1912. You can see another card from this series at

If you love looking at vintage Halloween postcards, there have been a bunch on Papergreat over the years. Here are some links that should keep you busy until the trick-or-treaters start knocking on the door.

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